Terry Schrunk Plaza Masonry Repairs, Lighting Upgrades & Erosion Control

Tenant Improvements

Project Owner: General Services Administration (GSA)
GSA Contract: 47PL0121F0062
Location: Terry Schrunk Plaza, Portland, OR
Period of Performance: August 12, 2021 – January 31, 2022
Contract Completion: $561,287.42         

Project Scope:

  • RJK Construction Labor, Materials, Supplies and Equipment for Masonry Repairs, Lighting Upgrades and Erosion Control
  • Removed All the Mortar in Amphitheatre Area, Flatwork and Stairs and Replaced to Match Existing Color, Texture and Strength
  • Cleaned Repaired Area and Seal Masonry with Water Repellant
  • Replaced 250 Damaged and/or Missing Bricks
  • Lighting Upgrades Included the Removal of the Existing Lights and Installation of (12) New Round Lights and (8) New Square LED Lights
  • Rewired All Fixtures in Existing Conduit Back to First Junction Box in Parking Garage
  • Erosion Control Drainage Improvements Included New Catch Basin, New French Drain with Drainage Rock and Large Diversion Stones
  • Landscaping of Area
  • Interfaced with GSAand Subcontractors to Successfully Complete this Project