Portland Civil Unrest Multi Building Graffiti Clean Up

Tenant Improvements

Project Owner: General Services Administration
GSA Contract: 47PL0220D0008
Location: Pioneer Courthouse, Mark Hatfield Courthouse & Gus Solomon Courthouse
Period of Performance: July 31, 2020 – September 30, 2021
Contract Completion: $899,403.30   

Project Scope:

  • RJK Construction Provided All Labor, Materials/Supplies and Equipment to Remove Security Boarding and On-Going Graffiti
  • The Pioneer Courthouse and the Gus Solomon Courthouse are on the National Register of Historic Places and Required a Phased Approach to Test Graffiti Removal Methods,Recommendations and Cleaning
  • Complied with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for National Historic Landmarks
  • Provided Conservator Report Outlining Findings and Recommendations for Removal of Graffiti
  • Removed Graffiti from Impacted Materials such as Sandstone, Limestone, Concrete, Granite, Bronze Doors, Light Fixtures and Site Monuments/Plaques
  • Applied an Anti-Graffiti Coatings to Exteriors and Re-Applied Security Boarding to the Cleaned Surfaces to Protect them from Further Damage
  • CPARS Evaluation Exceptional and Very Good